Global Education and Corporate Leadership Awards 2021

1. Life Time Achievement Award
2. Best Vice-Chancellor Award
3. Best Young Vice-Chancellor Award
4. Best Senior Administrator Award(Above 40 years )
5. Best Young Administrator Award(Below 40 years)
6. Best Registrar of the Year Award
7. Best Director of the Year Award( Above 40 years)
8.Best Young Director of the Year Award(Below 40 Years)
9.Best Academic Coordinator Award
10.Best Dean of the Year Award(Above 40 years)
11.Best Young Dean of the Year Award( Below 40 years)
12. Best Principal of the Year Award(Above 40 Years)
13.Best Young Principal of the Year Award(Below 40 Years)
14.Best Vice-Principal of the Year Award(Above 40 Years)
15.Best Young Vice-Principal of the Year Award(Below 40 Years)
16.Best HOD of the Year Award(Above 40 years)
17.Best Young HOD of the Year Award(Below 40 Years)
18.Best Controller of Examination (COE) Award
19.Best Senior Scientist Award(Male) (Above 40 years)
20.Best Young Scientist Award(Male) (Below 40 years)
21.Best Senior Scientist Award(Female)(Above 40 years)
22.Best Young Scientist Award(Female) (Below 40 years)
23.Best Academician of the year Award(Male)
24.Best Academician of the year Award(Female)
25.Excellent Researcher Award
26.Best Young Researcher Award(Male)(Below 40 years)
27.Best Senior Researcher Award(Male) ( Above 40 Years)
28.Best Young Researcher Award(Female)(Below 40 Years)
29.Best Senior Researcher Award(Female) (Above 40 years)
30.Best Supervisor Award
31.Best HR Award(College/University)
32.Excellence and Innovation Award (Universities/Colleges/Institutions)
33. Best Guru Award(Male)
34.Best Guru Award(Female)
35.Best Librarian Award(Male)
36.Best Coordinator Youth Welfare Award
37.Best Librarian Award(Female)
38.Best Faculty Award(Female)
39.Best Faculty Award(Male)
40.Best Vocational Education Award
41.Best e-Waste Management Award
42.Best Information and Communications Technology Awards(Institutions)
43.Performance Excellence Award
44.Best Growing Institution Award
45.Award for Creative Research Invention Award(Institution)
46.Award for Team Innovation
47.Best Media Coordinator Award
48.Best Sportsman Award
49.Best Blogger Award
50.Best Social Worker Award
51.Best Photography Award
52.Best Architect Award
53.Best Designer Award
54.Best Technical Assistant Award
55.Best School Faculty Award for Using Smart Rooms Award
56.Best Work for Environment Award
57.Protection of Nature and Environment Award
58.Empowering People Award
59.Environmental Heroes
60.Green Star Award
61.Environmental Law Award
62.Plantation Award for Environment Savvy
63.Earth Care Award
64.Best Motivation Speaker Award
65.Best Sports Coach of the Year
66.Best Doctor Award
67.Student of the Year Award
68.Best PhD Guide of the Year
69.Best Traveler of the Year
70.Performance Excellence Award E-Tutor
71.Innovation in Learning and Development Award
72.National Youth Icon
73.Best Faculty Performance Award
74.Women in Education Award
75.Women in Science and Innovation Award
76.Best Media Manager Award
77. Performance Excellence Award in Singing
78. Best Artist Award (Male)
79. Best Artist Award (Female)
80. Performance Excellence Award in Art
81. Performance Excellence Award in Leadership
82. Best Sponsored Research Grant
83. Best Sponsored  and Consultancy Projects
84. Best Sponsored Research Projects
85. Best online Tutor award
86. Best PhD Award

  1. India’s Best Private University (North)
  2. India’s Best Private University (South)
  3. India’s Best Private University (East)
  4. India’s Best Private University (West)
  5. India’s Best Private Engineering College
  6. India’s Best Emerging Private Engineering College
  7. Best Infrastructure amongst Private Engineering Colleges (National/Regional)
  8. Best Faculty amongst Private Engineering Colleges (National/Regional)
  9. Excellence in Industrial Interface (Engineering Colleges)
  10. India’s Best Business School
  11. India’s Best Emerging Business School
  12. Best Infrastructure amongst Business Schools (National/Regional)
  13. Best Faculty amongst Business Schools (National/Regional)
  14. Excellence in Industrial Interface (Business Schools)
  15. Best Medical College (National/Regional)
  16. Best Agricultural College (National/Regional)
  17. Best Pharmacy College (National/Regional)
  18. Best Polytechnic College (National/Regional)
  19. Excellence in Distance Learning Education
  20. Emerging Higher Education Institute of the Year
  21. Excellence and Innovation in Engineering
  22. Excellence in Distance learning education
  23. Best University/Collage Placements
  24. Best ICT initiative in Higher Education
  25. Best Research Institute/University
  26. Excellent Management Institution of the Year Award(University/College/Institution)
  27. Best Engineering College of the Year Award(University/College/Institution)
  28. Best Emerging University of the Year Award
  29. Most Emerging Higher Education Institute of the Year Award
  30. Excellence and Innovation Award (Universities/Colleges/Institutions)
  1. Emerging School of the Year
  2. Principal of the Year (East, West, Ended for North & South)
  3. School of the Year (East, West, Ended for North & South)
  4. India’s Best Chain of  Schools
  5. India’s Best Stand-alone Senior Secondary School
  6. Best International School of the Year (National/Regional)
  7. India’s Best Boarding School
  8. Best Infrastructure amongst Schools (National/Regional)
  9. Best Teacher amongst Schools (National/Regional)
  10. Best Emerging School of the Year (National/Regional)
  11. Outstanding Young Educator Award
  1. Best Coaching Institute of the Year (National/Regional)
  2. Best Engineering Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)
  3. Best Medical Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)
  4. Best Post Graduate Medical Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)
  5. Best Civil Services Coaching (National/Regional)
  6. Best Bank/PO Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)
  7. Best Coaching Classes for Competitive Exams Entrance (National/Regional)
  8. Best Management Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)
  9. Best Personality Development/ Groomimg Classes (National/Regional)
  1. Young Entrepreneur of The Year
  2. Founder of The Year 
  3. Startup of The Year
  4. Woman Entrepreneur
  5. Innovator of The Year
  6. Resilent Entrepreneur of The Year
  7. Global Entrepreneur of The Year
  8. Startup Leader of The Year
  9. Creative Entrepreneur
  10. Social Entrepreneur of The Year
  11. Best Social Impact Startup
  12. Best Smart City Solution Startup
  13. Best Workforce Enablment Startup
  14. Best bio-science and bio-technology startup
  15. Best Food Tech Startup
  16. Best healthcare startup
  17. Best Consumer Internet
  18. Best Edtech Startup of The Year
  19. Best AI and Machine Learning Startup
  20. Best Deep-Tech Startup
  21. Logisitics Startup of The Year
  22. Cleantech Startup of The Year
  23. Real Estate Startup of The Year
  24. Best Tech Aggregator of The Year
  25. Energy Startup of the Year
  26. Retail Startup of The Year
  27. B2B Startup of The Year
  28. Bootstrapped Business of The Year
  29. Top Community Builder Startup of The Year
  30. Innovative Concept of the Year
  31. Product Business of the Year
  1. EdTech Leader of the Year
  2. Startup CEO of the Year
  3. ICT Lifetime Achiever Award
  4. ICT Entrepreneurship Award
  5. Excellence in ICT Business for the Year
  6. Best Skill Development Enterprise for the Year
  7. Employer of the Year
  8. ICT Leadership of the Year (Individual)
  9. Best ICT Product of the Year
  10. ICT Rising Star of the Year
  11. Best IT Infrastructure of the Year
  12. Best Innovation in ICT Solutions
  13. Best R&D Company of the Year
  14. Best ICT Company of the Year
  15. Best Collaboration of the Year
  16. Best ICT Enabled Academic Institution of the Year
  17. Best ICT Initiative by Government Enterprise for Sustainable Development
  18. ICT Entrepreneur of the Year (Individual)
  19. Innovation of ICT in Education Solutions
  20. Best ICT Startup Promoter of the Year
  21. Innovator of The Year 
  22. Startup Leader of The Year
  23. Woman Start up Entrepreneur of The Year
  24. Best Bio-Science And Bio-Technology Startup
  25. Best Start Up In Skill Development
  26. Best AI Startup
  27. B2B Startup of The Year
  28. Best Incubation Center
  29. Digital / Online Start-up
  30. Green Entrepreneur Startup of the Year 
  31. Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  32. Digital Learning Company of the Year
  33. STEM Company of the Year
  34. Emerging EdTech Company of the Year
  35. Learning App of the Year
  36. Best E-Learning Company of the Year
  37. Best Online Test Prep/Tutoring Company of the Year
  38. Best Education ERP of the Year
  39. Best FinTech Company in Education
  40. Education Publisher of the Year
  1. Women Life time Achievement Award
  2. Women in IT Award
  3. Women in Architecture Award
  4. Women in Business Award
  5. Women in Academics Award
  6. Women in Social Work Award
  7. Women in Education Award
  8. Women in Science and Innovation Award
  9. Women in Business and Entrepreneurship Award
  10. Women in Environment Involvement Award
  11. Women in Art Award
  12. Women in Literature Award
  13. Women in Sports Award
  14. Women in Photography Award
  15. Woman in Financial Services Award
  16. Woman in Retail Award
  17. Woman in Marketing Award
  18. Women Coach Award
  19. Woman in Legal Services Award
  20. Woman in Hair & Beauty Award
  21. Women in Politics Award
  22. Women model Award
  23. Women in Entertainment Award
  24. Women in Medical Sciences Award
  25. Women Other