GECL Awards?

An award is something given to a person, a group of people, like a research team, or an organization in recognition of their excellence in a certain field. The awards highlight and reward the quality and diversity of educational, Universities, Colleges, Institutions, Startups, Corporate and Industries services for the society. The GECL Awards aim to encourage the raising of  the quality of educational, Universities, Colleges, Institutions, Startups, entrepreneur,  Corporate and Industries  with some standards to  honour of excellence, GECL Awards an open platform that brings together some of the India's most brilliant minds to share their Leadership strategies and insights into Educational, financial, economic and management issues.


About LWT India?

LIFE WAY TECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private Limited Company incorporated in October 2014.  LWT India, is passionate about organizing Events like  Awards, Summits, National or International conferences, Workshops for Students, Faculties, Students Development programs,   Faculty Development Program (FDP) and Faculty Enablement Programs (FEP), and Industry newbie Development, Training and incentive programs in India or any other country of the world.
Our innovation, creativity, and professionalism provide unique, world-class experiences for both our highly valued clients and staff. LWT India creates common ground for global experts and professionals to share their ideas and discoveries. We take pride in connecting our clients to help promote change in the world. Our consulting services include technology audits, CRM development, legacy migrations, and third-party integrations, eCommerce solutions and other bespoke application development India. Click for more detail 

GECL Award Categories?

GECL Awards are mainly divided in six categories, 1) Award for Individual, 2) Awards for University/ College/Institution, 3) Awards for School, 4) Awards for Coaching Institutes, 5) Awards for Startups and Entrepreneur, and 6) Award for Corporate/Industry. Click for more detail 

Who can participate for GECL Awards?

Following members or bodies may fill the nomination for GECL Awards: 1) Universities/Colleges/ Higher Educational Institutions, 2) Schools, 3) Coaching Institutes, 4) Academicians and Research Scholars, 5) Corporate / Industries, 6) International Organizations & Associations, 7) Consultants, 8) Academy, 9) Startups, 10) Entrepreneurs, 11) Students
Anyone those are associated  with above bodies. Click for more detail